Athena Notes

The first sustainable binder you can use as a journal and a notebook. 

Completely plastic free, recycled and recyclable.

Athena is the first truly recyclable binder in the world.

Athena is the revolutionary new and ecological way to organise, write, plan, and create any way you like.

Bullet journal or Study notes? Coffee table or Conference room? 

Athena is your ultimate companion to help you do more every day.

Switch the compostable covers when you want, and keep all the pages you need. 

Athena is different...

We really mean it!

Conscious. Creative. Committed. Together.

Hundreds of thousands of tons of un-recyclable notebooks and binders produced every year. 

Several millions of registered landfills in the world.

It's not too late.

We firmly believe  that solving environmental issues starts with everyday choices. Even just one notebook at a time. And it's beyond frustrating when better alternatives just don't exist.

We developed Athena to empower everyone to make a difference. 

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